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Mudtown Station Brewery and Restaurant offers a meeting place in the east harbour of Owen Sound that celebrates both the history of the city and the talents of our present-day residents.  Food made entirely from scratch, produced with local ingredients, paired with the best our area has to offer in craft beer sets the stage for a great time.​


Built in 1946, the station has been awarded historical designation by the Ontario Heritage Trust.  In partnership with the City of Owen Sound, owner of the building, Mudtown Station is proud to preserve the stations unique architecture while repurposing the building to contribute to a growing and vibrant River District. In 2019 the renovation was awarded a Lieutenant Governor's Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation.

Mudtown comes from the nickname for the nearby neighborhood, due to the thick mud which ran off the nearby hill, particularly in the spring, covering the streets. We are continuing the tradition of local artisans and producers in honoring the sometimes checkered history of the area. 


Celebrate with us the past but enjoy the present – great beer, great food and a great view from the patio.



Owen Sound has a long history as a port town and in reaction was made dry in 1906. It took until 1972 for prohibition to be repealed in the area, and Mudtown Station is the first brewery in the city since Schwan Brewery closed in 1913.

The Renovation

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