Herb Falafel with Muhammara, Za'atar and Naan on Miso Tahini Hummus - 14

Soup of the Day - 8

Sideroad Farms Mixed Greens with Sliced Heirloom Baby Vegetables and Cascade Hop Vinaigrette - 10

A Selection of Cured Meats, Cheese and Antipasti Assortments with Rising Sun Bakery Bread - Half 19/Full 30

Cottage Fry Supreme with Oxtail Gravy, Squeaky Curds and Scallions - 11

Cottage Fries - 5

Spanish Chorizo Hot Cheese with Picholine Olives, Tomato and Grilled Sourdough - 19

Pommes Anna with Garlic Aioli and Mushroom Chips - 6.5

Sprouted Super Salad; Marinated Mushrooms, Sprouted Legume, Roasted Almond, Arugula and Seasonal Greens Tossed in Cranberry Ale Vinaigrette - 17

Fogo Island Shrimp Parfait with Mustard Cream, Radish, Herb Salad, Sesame Seed and Nori - 19

Cornbread with Chilli Popcorn Butter - 6.5


The Whip Burger; Canadian Prime, Old Cheddar and Russian Dressing - 18

Dejong Acres Smoked Lemongrass Chicken with Ginger Leaf Jasmine Rice, Pickled Vegetables, Cucumber and Chilli - 24

Georgian Bay Lake Trout Escabeche with Smoked Paprika, Saffron, Tomato and Seasonal Vegetables - 25

Grilled Miami Short Ribs with Broccoli Salad and Calabrese Chilies - 28

Mortadella and Onion Flatbread with Fresh Ricotta and Pesto - 19

Cumin Roasted Cauliflower with Toasted Almond, Soused Raisins, Caramelized Onion and Caper - 16


Strawberry Rhubarb Hand Pie with Wildflower Honey Glaze - 9

White Chocolate and Coffee Panna Cotta - 9

Lemon Poppyseed Halva with Mint - 6